Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Fool me once....

This wont be some long diatribe.  It will be short and sweet.  Don't trust anyone, especially those on the internet.  You are just a cog on the wheel and when you are dead and gone you are replaceable.  You know what you are, you are a serial number with an expiration date.  You are dropping seconds in a glass until you die.  Oh we all want to believe in the good of people.  You are better off believing in fairies, santa clause and the boogeyman.  They are more real than the "goodness" of man.   Oh and for all you ass clowns walking around talking about karma, fuck you.  Karma is the biggest lie of them all.  Good things happen to good people huh?  You sure about that because I have about 27 years of bones to pick with that bitch karma.  I am angry, because I got fooled again.  Shame on me.  What annoys me the most though is people who ignore, people who act as if you dont fucking exist  That is one of the single most annoying things you can do to me.  I am very much alive, I very much  have feelings and I damn will demand respect.  If you cant respect me enough to at least acknowledge me then fuck off.

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