Sunday, May 22, 2011


Its Sunday, a rainy Sunday. My knees bother me when it rains and my body just feels blah. I'm bored so my mind takes me on a journey. Or it should but it seems even my mind has failed me today. I'm just staring at my walls. Crazy people do this. I feel like the light is on but nobody is home. Maybe I'm just hungry? Probably am, yet I can't seen to move today. There just isn't a reason to I suppose. Maybe that's a blessing, yet I can't sit still. I'm restless today or insane. I stare at my phone but nobody is calling. I'd try to reach out but nobody is answering anyway. Its the day of rest, maybe even celebrate the world not ending.

Yes, a comment on this briefly. There are two things that bother me about this whole end of the world nonsense. Let me state off the bat, I am a Christian. I believe what the bible says and if it says this world will end I believe it. I also believe the world will end because everything existing in the realm of time has a beginning and an ending. Your favorite shows begin and end. The baseball game has a beginning and ending. Our very lives have a beginning and ending. So why not the world? It makes sense to me unless you believe the world is a deity. It is not and when the time comes I believe we as humans will have a lot to do with its destruction.

Secondly, I am ashamed to be lumped in with "crazy Christians." I don't mind being persecuted for my beliefs. For how I will put my faith in something other than man. However I hate that I will get lumped in with these fear mongers and false prophets which the bible warns about. Speaking of which the bible says no man knows the day or the hour and lo and behold the bible was right, Camping, wrong again. I understand that I may never agree with the world I live in. I don't support all of the causes the world does. I may never see eye to eye with people however I am still human. I also am not uneducated or foolish to place my faith outside human beings.

I cannot deny that religions have waged wars and been responsible for countless deaths. You can't simply assume that out is only religion the breaks the "peace." Within our nature lies destructive forces and if we weren't fighting over religious differences it would be about something else. Be it greed, political allegiance, or simply having what another country wants or vice versa.

What bothers me most of all are the religious leaders. They are given this position of influence and instead of using it to help others and preach a message of love they use it to spread lies and widespread panic. They use it to manipulate the masses in order to stroke their own ego or line their own pockets. Its sickening and I can assure they will be judged harshly for their crimes, if not in this life then the next.

What I am trying to say is I am a christian and I am human. I am not better than anyone else on this planet. I fall short, I fail, I hurt and have hurt others. While I may not agree with this world and the people in it I also can understand where they are coming from when our leaders in the faith are doing what they are doing. I preach Christ crucified and resurrected. That will rub people the wrong way thats fine. You don't have to listen anymore than I have to listen to the dogma of the world. Isn't our differences though what makes this world great anyway? Until the time comes people understand that I as a christian did not believe the world was ending this weekend. Will it? Eventually. However there is more to preach and do instead of dwelling on the end. Remember despite our differences we are all frail humans who fall short.