Thursday, August 30, 2012

A bullet or a kiss

Stomach aches, muscles are tense and my head is spinning. The ignorance brings me bliss. With the bliss though there is always the hint of saddness believing that reality is just waiting to close the door in my face. Its ridiculous and my mind has done everything to seaze ccontrol of the situation. To bring a logical conclusion and finish this. Yet my eyes, ears, hopes and dreams betray my mind. My heart leads my mind astray, succumbing to the intoxicating aromas, a spell is cast. My mind is conflicted, knowing that what I am feeling is little more than an illusion of hope yet unable to stop wanting more of the drug. Its unrequited my mind screams, it doesnt exist, its a falacy, a trap...yet I cant look away. I cant stop going for it. My mind has lost control of my limbs, the body is entranced. I am no longer strong enough to resist. There is only one way for the spell to be broken, a bullet, straight to the heart. You hold the gun that can bring me freedom, that can liberate me from this prison. Please hold nothing back, if you care at all. Would do me this favor? Unless there is something to this feeling, unless this prison can become my paradise. It can only be sealed with a bullet or a kiss.