Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tired ravings

In my dark I cry out. Words falling upon the deafness of the night. Nobody seems to care. The stars continue to twinkle in ignorance, the man on the moon mocking me with his contempt. I hear the whipsers of nameless faces as they cast their judgement, roars of laughter at my plight. The howls of hungry wolves who can smell blood. This wasteland bears no fruit and no drink. My lips are dry and my voice is hoarse. My body has betrayed me...aging...breaking. Its only a matter of time now. Thunder booms in the distance, chastising, disheartening. Lightning flashes, images of my failures. Then the morning comes, the sun comes to reveal all of my imperfections. It is a light that never warms but leaves me colder then the nights. Empty promises have brought me to starvation, hollow words cannot quench my thirst. Fear has bound my hands and feet so long I have forgotten their use. I lay stagnant, rotting from the inside out. The vampires I have known, suck the life from me, a husk I become. Their bites leaving marks I will never forget. Crawling through this desert like a serpent cast from paradise. Peace...just some peace...of mind, body and soul. Who truly understands the ravings of a mad man. I speak a language all my own.