Monday, January 31, 2011

In dreams

Its early, the dawn is breaking, twilight. I stare out my window the last twinkling of the stars before night gives way to morning. I feel at peace. The cool wind brushes against my face. The sun begins to rise. I step outside to greet the new day. I walk out onto the beach as the sun continues to rise. The ocean waves play the tune for mornings triumphant return. Again I am at peace. The warmth provided by the sun takes hold. I am grateful for I have seen many cold nights. I walk along the beach, barefoot, kicking sand. I am jubilant and again at peace. I stop, in awe and wonder of this beautiful morning. I thank God for it. I am at peace. I think to myself if only my dreams could be this peaceful and every day begin this way. A strange sound in the distance. Louder and louder it gets until...

Alarm clock. Darkness. Light barely entering my room. I'm awake, and so begins my nightmare.

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