Thursday, January 6, 2011

We can't get it back

Life is a series of risks, gambles, and decisions. If one has ever gambled you can understand the excitement of it all. This one hand, or roll could be the one that changes my life forever. Then it happens, you lose. Maybe you were on a roll and took it just a little too far. Maybe you put it all out there because you had nothing to lose. After all as a friend of mine would say, "money comes back." Now I am not saying we should gamble all our money away but in life we gamble.

Think about the decisions we have to make in our lives. What kind of job do we want? What school we go to? What friends and relationships do we enter into? All a gamble. There are no guarantees in this life so we take chances. We invest, and while most investments require money thats not all we gamble with. The highest form of currency at the tables in Lifes casino is time. Yes time. It is also the only currency we don't get back.

We are creatures bound by time. Everything in this dimension has a beginning and ultimately an end. Somewhere stamped on us is an expiration date that we cannot see which makes time so important. Some of use will be lucky and beat the games for years and some of us not so much. Yet we all gamble with our time knowing full well we don't get it back. Not until the invention of the time machine will we be able to get back lost time. This is why its so important to be careful what you invest your chips in. See that girl, how much time do you invest? Relationship or a quicky? Either way time spent. Do you go all in? Some of us are sitting there with pocket kings and we go all in and the house has aces. Now that time you spent in a relationship is gone. Yes the feeling invested will crush you, money you spent gone. Yet all of those thing will come back, but not the time spent.

Now of course I'm not just talking relationships. Going to college and declaring your major. Bust your butt for years of schooling and never get a job in that field. Time invested, can't get it back. Now school is never a bad investment again just another example of where our time goes. The point is, invest wisely with everything but remember time never comes back. We can't account for the bad beats we are dealt, and oh yes we will be. The house always wins in the end and life is one bitch of a dealer.

Time, we borrow it. Its not even truly ours. Which is why we look back at our most triumphant moments and miss them. Why sometimes we relive the bad beats to remind us of what we learned. Its not pointless. You have an allotted amount of time here. Play on, don't be afraid to love to take a risk. Just be wise with your investments because some beats are so bad we never recover. Its amazing how we always remember the bad. How it stays with us. I'm off topic, my mind is wandering. In this case the only thing worse than gambling and losing it all, is hoarding your chips and never taking a chance. Happy gambling my friends.

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  1. You give great advice! Gambling is a good thing when gambled in a "sure thing" meaning not on foolish things. Time is like gold, if gold is invested in foolish way it is a treasure lost and with no return, if you hoard it, all you can do in the end is stare at it, and that to has no return except to please your eye, which gets pretty boring and fruitless after a while! They'll find you a dead and decrepit pirate skeleton laying there next to your gold evidence you never got anywhere...