Wednesday, January 16, 2013


The world is on fire Everything susceptile to the raging inferno we've done it to ourselves I feel no remorse for anyone I feel many things However remorse and sympathy have burned up Relationships and friendships, ashes In the kiln of this flame I stand Among the floating ashes Among the charred flesh and bones Contempt all I feel The monster inside Your monster The one you created I have fought diligently To keep the beast at bay Yet you wouldnt allow it to be With your false pity Your judging eyes remorseless, to my plight Then the audacity to come for help Only to disappear once you have what you want I set this fire, refining Then like the phoenix I will rise Even if it means stepping upon your remains Then you'll cry, petition, plead You'll wish I wasnt soaring so high I won't hear you anymore Then you will wish...

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