Thursday, February 2, 2012

New Experiments

Hello all. It is I, Rich once again here with a new blog. Now this one isn't going to be some deep blog or anything. It is basically to inform those who care whats going on in 2012. I have decided to try to make money on my blogging and youtube videos. Although youtube is going to be a rough go because I need the views in order to become a partner. So I have decided to blog more about, video games, my extensive transformers collection and current events and stuff like that. Of course leaving room for myself should the creative juices get flowing to just write. Now, I know I am not some great writer, video person or whatever but I am asking for some help. It costs you nothing, well ok maybe a few minutes. You can read my blog, check out my youtube channel which I will be working on from here on out. There will be ads, yes those dreaded ads. You click them and I can make some money. So yes this is me begging in a blog haha. Seriously though if you all could be that awesome to me and pass it along to friends and what not that be great. Feel free to check out past blogs and again check out my youtube channel, for video content. Thanks again everyone. God bless.

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